Beyond Well Podcast Series

Beyond Well with Sheila Hamilton is a podcast that recognizes the shared experience of the inner world—the commonality of depression (35 million people worldwide,) the unrelenting battle with anxiety (40 million Americans suffer from anxiety) and the likelihood that at some point, every one of us will need help in getting through the day.

Each episode fixes on a central theme— isolation, self-loathing, anxiety, or depression. We also explore the search for meaning and happiness, and we provide a different way of reclaiming balance in our lives. We want to give you the opportunity to relate, to laugh, and to begin gathering a few tools for your emotional toolbox.

What you’ll find at Beyond Well is people who care deeply about the world, the health of our friends and family, and the strength of our community. We talk with artists, authors, musicians and people with lived experience about what it means to be human in an age of angst. The show is hosted by journalist and author Sheila Hamilton, who has reported and written on the topic of wellness for more than a decade.

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